A Revolutionary Way To Connect

With Your Dog

At fidotek™ we’re developing the most advanced and comprehensive pet wellness solution, using innovative technology, to allow pet parents to fully connect with happier, healthier pets.


A Revolutionary Way To Connect

With Your Dog

At fidotek™ we’re developing the most advanced and comprehensive pet wellness solution, using innovative technology through AI and devices, to allow pet parents to fully connect with happier, healthier pets.


Finally, a way to truly know your dog’s needs and wants!

As a pet parent, you already know that your “kid” is unique – and you wouldn’t have it any other way. We get it; we’re pet parents, too. That’s why we created fidotek™ to allow you to connect with your dog like never before.

With fidotek™, you get groundbreaking technology that translates wireless dog behavior data into recommended foods, hard goods, and veterinary / pet care services in real time – 100% personalized for each dog.

Our Partners

Giving a voice to dogs that we can understand!

The difference is in the details…

We collect Dog Behavior Data from our free wireless smart dog devices. Artificial intelligence (AI) determines each dog’s wants & needs which are “spoken” to dog owners over WiFi speakers using human language.

Not only that, fidotek™ has over two dozen patents granted or pending on smart pet food packaging, next generation feeding systems, artificial intelligence, pet health monitoring systems, innovative nutrition, and more. We’re literally reinventing the game just to give you the best!

fidotek™ is today’s global innovation leader in complete, round the clock pet wellness and support.

How does it work?

We use sophisticated tech to track data 24/7 and pair it with 100% customized products to create the perfect recipe for pet longevity and wellness.

Once you provide us with your dog’s basic information, we become your partner in developing customized solutions to help your pet live happier and healthier – throughout their lifetime.

Step 1

Download and follow the simple 3-minute setup on your smartphone

Step 2

We partner with you to help your pet live happier and healthier

Step 3

You receive stellar interactive care from our pet wellness team

Meet The Team

At fidotek™, we’ve assembled a rock star team of veterinarians, product design engineers, data scientists, pet food nutritionists, manufacturing and safety experts, software developers and veterinary university researchers to create an entirely new kind of pet parenting experience.

Each member of our team is passionate about revolutionizing the way you connect with your dog. For more than three years, we’ve been designing, re-working, re-engineering, and patenting systems focusing on nutritional health and connected technology that will track your pet’s wellness from puppy to grand-doggy.

Andy Gibbs


Founded 6 high tech & mfg. start-ups. 2 exits. IP strategist. Past EVP $250MM F-500 Div. US Sec. Commerce appointed advisor to US Patent Office. Rhythm business architect, inventor.

Danny Wong

VP Technology

Technical Leader and Chief Architect of Big Data platforms. Successfully exit 2 startups. Patent Inventor. Dog Lover.

Ian Hochberg


Co-founded 5 start-ups. Consultant to entrepreneurs and investors. Former officer and director of various private and public companies. MBA.

Suranjan De Ph.D.

Chief Data Scientist

12 years of university research and consulting followed by 15 years of large scale end-to-end data warehousing and strategic business intelligence for retail and financial services companies. Past: Dunkin’ Donuts, Gelson’s Markets, StoreRanker, Prospect Mortgage, Union Bank.

Mark Fowler

Senior Technologist

Senior solutions architect and engineer, AWS expert, big data migration to AWS cloud, cloud and on-premise infrastructure, HIPAA, IT operations, service desk support operations, supply & logistics applications and automation support.

Curt M.Branscombe

Marketing Creative Director

Strategic marketing, positioning and digital communication expert. Planning and production of live events, promotional campaigns, social media development, and multimedia broadcasts. Past Fountain St. Design, Rockfirm, Ping Marketing.

Piers Mathieson

Digital Marketing Director

Social Media Expert at Facebook, Tactical Consumer Acquisition

Remi Silva

Founding Technical Advisor

Fortune 500 companies & Federal Gov’t. cloud computing, IT, cyber security, logistics, and technology initiatives. Past: Exelon Energy, Capital One, Raytheon, DoD, US Patent Office.

Virginia Mushkatblat

Founding Technical Advisor

2 startups, 1 co-founder. Tech leader in Cloud, IoT products, IT systems. Data, AI, UX/UI, security, SaaS. Disney, BofA, Rovi. Adj. Prof. CSU. MSCS, BSE.

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